TMWellbeing is a 21st Century home-based business opportunity designed to compete in a complex global market environment. The network marketing solution entrepreneurs seek today must include more than just an income opportunity. People want to belong to a unique culture, something that sets them apart from the others in an organization of determined and focused individuals who recognize and reward the values of teamwork. They look today not only for great products, great leadership and a great business plan, they look for vision, a proven success model and extreme commitment.


TMWellbeing is that company! TMWellbeing is YOUR company.

Our Leadership

Kevin Allen


Kevin's background is highlighted by 35 years of successful team building and corporate management in the multilevel marketing industry. Along with his beautiful wife Robin, Kevin founded and developed his own network marketing company (MetaboBurn!) in the mid 1990's, taking his weightloss superstar productline to over 200 million dollars in gross sales. After 7 successful years, "MetaboBurn!" and the accompanying 21 products was discontinued when the US FDA outlawed the key ingredient and forced the company out of business. Before and after "MetaboBurn!" Kevin and Robin guided 6 other companies to international success with total sales surpassing a billion annualized dollars!

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Lynn Ou


· Leader and a consultant, partnered with top leaders from all nations
· Proficient language level in Japanese, English, Korean
· Licensing and consulting experience in 12 MLM companies
· Acquired 7-figure income in distributor position from 3 MLM companies
· Involved in MLM industry since 1987
· University of Kobe Bunka Fukuso Gakuin graduate
· Tuck School of Business Dartmouth Finance graduate
· Bradstreet Business Information Services, Japan, Co., Ltd.
· Obtained positions and experience in:
    - Operations
    - Business analyst
    - Main project
    - General manager
    - Consulting and providing infrastructure

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Michael Krause

Legal Vice President

Leads department globally providing legal advice at Headquarters and Local levels to all parts of the company on general legal matters, including items such as: contracting, sales and marketing activities, research and development activities, alliance management, and manufacturing operations. Also leads the attorneys who provide legal support for global licensing and acquisitions activity.

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NOV-2016    Corporate Registration of EsolutionTG, LLC Wellness Department TMWellbeing, LLC


Board of Directors

CEO : Kevin Kay Allen
CIO : Jimmy Chang
COO : Ryan Lee
President : Lynn Ou
CFO : Sean Lee

Executive Team

CEO : Kevin Kay Allen
CIO : Jimmy Chang
COO : Ryan Lee
CFO : Sean Lee
President : Lynn Ou
Marketing Vice President : Justin Kim
Legal Vice President : Michael Krause
HR/Finance Vice President : Ben Cho
General Manager / Customer Support Director : Chika Takako Ou
Logistics : Thankstrucking.com (President - Ronnie Lee)

Our Science

TM Laboratories is America’s leader in the nutritional supplement industry, offering the best products at the best prices! We are dedicated to providing our customers with top-of-the-line nutraceutical products that promote optimal health and wellness benefits for your lifestyle.

With decades of experience in the nutraceutical industry, through our continued research and innovative ideas, our focus has always remained on our customers.

At TM Laboratories, we are committed to staying ahead of the latest trends and advances within the nutraceutical industry. It is our promise to bring you cutting edge dietary supplements and skin care products, while keeping your safety in mind, as we take pride in developing high quality products that you can trust!